TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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SAM'S THRONE 4/28/12

Sam's Throne Unofficial Trailhead....at least one of them!

Our group for the day

Our view for the day

Making our way around the bluff to "Rhino" Rock



This was our first test



We make it down below the bluffs



Our prize hiker today....Brittany

One of the caves

Now on to Sam's Throne

Indian Pictograph?

Lots of folks out today rock climbing...I mean a lot!

Looked like fun so we tried it......yeah sure!


This is the way we climb a rock!



This is not one of US!



Made it to the top of Sam's Throne just in time for lunch



After a while we headed back down.

Angela and Brittany waiting their turn




It was butterfly day......

Notice the same butterfly on Chris's finger as he hikes down the mountain!!!!!!

One of several memorials


Chris decided to try the hard way.....got 4 ft.!


This was one of the hardest climbs we saw


We were down...now we had to get back on top of the bluffs


Back on top

Lonesome Pine...how do they grow?


Getting ready for our photo op

Our photographer and leader

US with Sam's Throne in the background

Sam's Throne

Us again

I think I see someone?



Now she thinks it's funny!



A nice view of Big Creek Valley


We made it back....what a great day!