TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Ready to tackle the OHT

Crossing Buck Branch

Boots off...boots on!


Heading down to Chancel

Chancel Trailhead

Intersection of Chancel and the OHT (Mile 118.4)

Our crew for the day


The growth started early this year!

Mile Marker 119


Leave Only Footprints!

Mile Marker 120

It was hot to say the least!

Elizabeth Creek

Crossing the creek and then lunch


Lunch was good and we got here at 12 noon! (A record time)




Mile Marker 121


Wild Geranium and Phlox


The Famous Rock and US

A large Dogwood Flower


Where folks hit their heads at The Famous Rock


Our goal each trip.....

...if you can squeeze through this you are OK!

Mile Marker 122

Mr. Rattlesnake was laying on the trail...almost stepped on him, yikes!

There are rattlesnakes on the OHT....really!!!!

A coiled rattlesnake...so we kept our distance.


Crossing our last hollow

Bob pointing out the Hale's Cabin over by Fairview Campgrounds

We made it to Mile 122.9 and the end of our section!


Our last crossing of Buck Branch

It was a good day to pay back....a little hot for March but the trail was in good shape so we got done early and headed home.  Be back in the fall...enjoy the OHT.