TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Pruitt on the Buffalo

Mill Creek Loop Trailhead


Traveling down Mill Creek Loop

Water Quality Alert

On up to the Shaddox Cabin

Buffalo River Crossing


The Shaddox Cabin

Shaddox Cemetery established in 1822

Checking out some of the names and dates on the monuments

Now on over to the Buffalo River Trail at Pruitt

Not all went on this trail

Beaver damage!

If you look close you can see a scuba diver in the Buffalo River!

Our fearless leader....Bill Hemmer

Hiking up to the Lookout Point

This man was from Missouri....strange sight!


View of the Buffalo from Lookout Point


Bob may not know it, but he is very close to the edge!!!!

Bridge Over No Water!

Buffalo Bluffs

Our last leg and back to our vehicles and .......

.....and the OZARK CAFE....yippee!

Guess what?  David Trigg is back! 

This is what we call "Hiking Rewards"


And he brought Josh, Hanna and Harrison with him.