TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Lower Longpool Falls


Our map and trail and hiking to Longpool Falls


It was a bit farther "UP" to Longpool Falls

Longpool Falls

Longpool Falls

Photo of Longpool Falls but not much water!

Kathy at Longpool

Now up the bluff to get on top

Our barefoot hiker and "B"

Looks like Linda is sliding down the hill....

.....ask her about what Bruce just did?


Looking down at Longpool Falls

Is that David falling in the creek???? I believe it is!

Looking up the creek


Nice campsite


You can't beat the chairs you find in the woods!


Steve coming out of one of the caves

Heading up to Ledger Rock Cave


Caves above campsite


Ledger Rock Cave

Looking inside

Looking outside

Fort Grotto


Twister Falls and us coming up the canyon

Twister Falls

Twister Falls

Section 5 Falls (Measured 42')

Section 5 Falls


Lunch above the falls

The sun felt pretty good today!

"B" with licorice on his nose! Neat trick!

The "Log" Gang


A very long rock wall in the middle of nowhere

Some amazing rock work

Heading home on top of the mountain

Now we head down the mountain back to the campgrounds


Beware folks.....the snakes are OUT! (aka Garter Snake)


"B" is ready to get in the truck and go home!


The "flat" road felt good.....and a good way to end a hike!

I believe Bruce is bushed ... and probably still wet!!!!