TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Kyle's Landing Trailhead for the BRT


This is what we were looking for

We would cross Indian Creek several times...I mean several times!


....several times....but it felt pretty good!



Getting there was half the fun.....we were ready for the other half!



Not sure why they say Indian Creek is so dangerous??

Indian Creek was perfect today!

Bathtub Falls

This was our eighth time to cross



First sighting of Copperhead Falls



Bob setting up for a hopefully good shot...almost too much sun!


We left Bob and headed on up to Tunnel Cave Falls

Tunnel Cave Falls

....and again.

Couldn't get a good shot of our last waterfall

Didn't get a picture, but.....

This is Pearl soaking wet...but safe!

Time to head back. We decided not to go on the the Eye of the Needle...too slick today and not worth the heart attack....do it someday when it is dryer!

Pearl and Tunnel Cave Falls

Yuko in Indian Creek


These kids were enjoying the pool of water


Since Pearl was still wet, she took a dive into the pool, why not?


What a great day....we were muddy, sore and a bit wet, but hey!

Bob was a muddy mess...so....

He sat down in the creek and took a bath....but with his clothes on!


Thanks for sparing us!