TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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A few dog tricks before we start

Our route for the day.....3-miles.

Ready for the canyon!


We would hike down this road for a while then bushwhack down to Graves Creek


Looking downstream...the way we would go.

Steve would hike like this the rest of our hike...barefoot!

"B" loves Graves Creek


Bob....our "official" scout

Max and Maurice


This is where Graves Creek becomes a canyon


We would cross the creek several times


Unnamed waterfall

Forever Falls

Forever Falls (but not much water)


Forever Falls

Stan trying to get a better shot of this waterfall

Jim and Tricia


Sometimes a tree sure messes up a good waterfall

Looking up Graves Creek

Looking down at Graves Creek

Looking down at Graves Creek


Doorless "Elf" Tree!


Graves Canyon Falls (Upstream)

Tricia above Graves Canyon Falls

Graves Canyon Falls (Downstream)


Pam is stuck!



Tree Art


We decided to leave Grave Creek before reaching Piney

At the top we ate lunch.....

...and enjoyed a little rest time.

and head UPHILL.


This was found out in the middle of nowhere.

Just shows you .... folks are everywhere!

We were feeling a little energy....and realized we had found a "vortex"!


We found a ATV Trail and headed home

We finally found the road and knew where we were....?


It would still be uphill all the way to our vehicles.


The "Good" Sign