TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Rotary Ann Pit Stop

Arriving at Pruitt

Looking for deep water!

Not sure Harrison is going to make it?

We would have to push down river to get started

In spite of low water, there were plenty of folks out today


We finally get to deep water.....well deep enough!



We would have to get out and drag several times


Guys using a rope swing to show how "crazy" they were!

This was Vincent's first time to be in a "National River"

It was nice just to sit and enjoy the river.

Our group....but soon was joined by many others!

Lunch time and the last time we saw Chuck!



I am still not sure Harrison is going to make it?


Guess what we were doing.....again?


We get credit for calling this a hike too!




This was a trouble spot for many folks today



We needed a saw to do maintenance on this lone tree!


Sore neck!



Arriving at Hasty......did it in 4 1/2 hours....with "no" water!


Not sure what we look forward to most.....canoeing or the Ozark Cafe?


Brenda's first Volcano Burger

So we did both.....cheers!