TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Ah, finally getting to the right road

At the parking area

13 degrees and we are ready to go

No trails in the wilderness, but this is a good trail

At the real Trailhead sign-in (Nobody signs in anymore?)


Top of Bowers Hollow Falls

Looking down on Bowers Hollow Falls

We hike 1/4 mile along the bluff and finally find a way down

The bluffs down below were ice covered

It was 13 degrees and John still wears shorts! Go John!

At least he has shoes on!


Some of the bluffs on the north side of Bowers Hollow


Ah, there she is...Bowers Hollow Falls


All six hardy guys

Looking for a place in the sun to eat lunch

....and we found it!


When I turned my head we had folks taking naps everywhere!


More shots of Bowers Hollow Falls




The rock cairns where you are suppose to start going down to

Bowers Hollow Falls...it is best now to go a little farther down the trail

and then go down.  The ice storm of 2009 made a mess of the drainage.

Nap time was over and it was time to go

Chuck giving his victory sign.....that means we made it!



Look who we found on our way out.


This is a lost dog with a vet tag from Lebanon, MO


Anyone know whose dog this is, let us know.


Or call Steve Hern at 479-979-4278.


Steve Hern contacted the vet in Lebanon and they got in contact with the owners who live in Lebanon, MO and were hog hunting in the Bowers Hollow area on 2/4/12 when Bella ran off after being injured by a hog.   Bella was in the woods for a week before we came across her on the trail.  Steve and Becky took Bella to a local vet to have her back leg  stitched up. Bella is a very sweet dog and is now in retirement.