TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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At Williams Woods

Heading up the trail

Elizabeth would need this done several times today.  Thanks dad.

Did I mention it was COLD?


Shaggy Bark Hickory

Elizabeth was cool today.

Bill found it


One of many rock walls



But not Haley.


Looks like this frozen waterfall could eat someone!


Yes, a little maintenance needed

Time to rest on top


Ah, a spring

Time for lunch and the nars

Can you believe someone put a picnic table way out here? Thanks.

This is the spring


....and we put it to good use.

Lorraine chose to eat on a log

...and so did Carol

Someone had a good lunch?

Time to leave out packs to head to the nars

A scared armadillo along the way

The nars right here

One of two ponds we passed

The Greenquist homesite

A really neat place

Even had bathroom facilities, such as they were.

Taking a shortcut back

The Williams homeplace

Checking it out

Must be some big rats out here?

Nice place

Old outbuilding

Someone left a might good shoe

Aged wood

What is Bill doing back there?

Haley made it better than the rest of us.