TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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HIKE UP MT. NEBO 01/01/09

28 ready to hike the mountain

Nice trail!

Rounding the first curve

Jimmy, David and Gary


Ted, Bill, Chris and Peggy


We had no problem speeding today

Long legs would be helpful!

Robert, Maebre and Brenda

Yes, it was cold!

Addie, Sam and Addie's friend

...and our winners are .... Terra, Copper and Carol

...and some of the other finishers

...and more

....and more

....and more or less.


This was easy to do!

Copper was very thirsty

....and all of us on the top

The Hale Family

...and so back down we go


It was a fine day

Yes, we will do this


Lots of young folks out today

Some even made a fashion statement

....and last but not least