TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Our new eating place in Deer

Arriving at Lost Valley

Across our first creek bed

Not many folks out today

Maybe because if was "COLD"

Famous Beech Tree and Us

You get across anyway you can

This place sure looks different since the ice storm

The Famous Beech Tree without Us


This was a typical site in the valley

The Famous Siamese Beech lies on the ground

Siamese Beech...no more!

Heading for the Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge

Nice cut!

More downed Beech Trees

Looking up though something?


Gloria and "Flat Stanley"  from Columbia, Missouri, a world traveler

Lunch before the cave

Carol doing her usual

Eden Falls


Inside Eden Cave ... in the dark...of course!

...and with a little flash


At the entrance looking out

....and again

Water coming out of the cave

Putting our gear back on

...and getting ready to head out

See no, speak no, hear no ....EVIL!

Back down to the trailhead

Dee and Chris

It will be hard to replace all the downed trees in the valley ....bad, bad!


...and just a "few" elk in the valley!