TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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HUNTS LOOP 2/07/09

Arriving at Iron Springs Campgrounds

....and that's US!


....and this is an empty bridge

....and this is a full bridge

....and now we have to decide which way to go...how about the easy way?

....so we take the easy way!

Putting our extra stuff in our packs

But we end up going uphill anyway.

Already time to shed a few clothes


Rhonda says a little trail maintenance would be good!

....and time to rest a bit!


We have talked to Chris and Dee about this several times in the past!


Arriving at the Sign In Station

Thanks to FoOT for their hard work on the OT


...but we didn't realize it costs now to hike!

...so we would decide whether to go on or not.


...and if we did decide to go on .....which way to go?

The OT was very inviting.

The OT was even environmentally correct

Ali didn't know what all the fuss was about, she just wanted to hike.

It was good to see Terence (Abe) and Mike Little again

We finally decided to pay our "dollar" and hike.

Lou was going to sit, while we decide

...and Carol was ready to go uphill


We arrive at the top and the sign still has a bullet hole in the guys head

Short Mtn. Elevation 1372

Our view to the West

Time to eat and Lou gets the best seat in town.

Mike decides to get on the downhill side out of the wind

...and so does Bruce

Carol very content

Dee and Chris had shrimp for lunch...boy!

John and Ali

Mike decides to sleep

....so does Dee

Not sure what these ladies are up to?

Pat enjoyed the "bright" sunshine in her eyes!

Terence (Abe) talked about his Gettysburg Address

Brenda was going to need help getting up....well just a little!

Mary was glad she found her hiking stick, we are too!


Three score and .....

Pam wanted to look her best.  And we appreciated it very much!

So, after a quick lunch and nap, we headed down.

....and down

...and down

Still running after all these years

At least until we reached Iron Springs.  Wonder why they call it that?


There's Dale....where's Barbara?

Our trail leader.....get it?

Squirrels have had a hay day with this bird house.

Not sure if this is tombstone or love rock?

Us again

Branch under the bridge


...and a full bridge again. A nice pleasant day, a nice hike.