TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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GEE CREEK 1/24/09

Where we started

Quality not quantity

Up the OHT

Our first crossing

Radio checks it out before crossing

Gee Creek


A helping hand

Radio has lost her head


Our first sighting of ICE

...and our second


Ice Art

No, I don't think the ice will fit in his backpack!

Someone's old home site

Look what we found, in the middle of nowhere.


These grottos where next to the home site

....and yet another crossing

...and another

...and you guessed it, another.

Time for lunch

Some enjoy lunch on the ground

...and some like to play

Now back to the trail

Bill finding a save way to cross


Carol is trapped!

We cross again

Judy may be trapped too?

Carol is trapped again.

...and down the road

Some took the easy way across


...and up the bank

Guess what, our last crossing

...and finally the highway home.


This guy was too cold to move




We think this is Radio's master

Radio was embarrassed and ready to go home.