TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Dismal Hollow parking area

...and so downhill we go

Our first little waterfall

We would cross back and forth across the creek several times


Our first waterslide

Is that a bear cub?

Heading down Dismal Branch

Did I mention it was 28 degrees?

Getting into the bluffs before we head up

Last time here this was a solid sheet of ICE!

A really neat shelter-two levels


This would be nicer with a little more water

Time for a little rest

What's so funny....Char?


Where's Bill?




Walter waiting on the others

Doug and I know where we are now, we're surveyors!


A bear tree

Someone has robbed the honey from here

Looking into Dismal Hollow

Some of the bluffs across the way

...and some of the bluffs we were following

Us again

Looking at Dismal Hollow relief

Stepping across a 75 ft. waterfall

Jimmy has no idea how close he is to .....

We would do this several times today also.

Now for our "shortcut" back

Someone slow Carol down

Getting our bearings with our GPS

By this time we were quite scattered

This was Gloria's way of crossing a fence

We had several fences to cross also

....and a couple of fields

Our last field, we hope


What does that sign say behind her?

Ah!  We didn't know. Sorry!

Finally our last road.  We made it back, via a shortcut. We had a good time. Had to cut it short just a bit, but a hike we will soon not forget.  The Lord was with us today, ask Carol.  Thanks for being flexible on this hike.  We will do it again in the Spring.

Our last fence before the road, we hope!

It looks like Radio is in trouble.  Or maybe, a leash to keep her out of trouble.