TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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COVE LAKE 3/14/09 

Cove Lake Trailhead

...and Cove Lake...looks cold, huh?

Hiking along the loop

About to split up...

Some will go this way..

...and some will go this way!

This way was UP!

...so we rested

Praying Mantis tree?

Up a little, rest a little!

Almost to the top, yeah!

...and there it is.

...and this is US on TOP

Brenda and Pamela


Camera talk


A knot in a log! Get it?

One of many bridges to cross today

Water. Get it?

The bridges were very slick.

See?  Gloria didn't see!

Another bridge

...and US

...and Pamela

Bridge over troubled water.  I believe the trouble was on the bridge!

This just proves it!


We saw lots of snakes today. 

Before we knew it we were almost done

What is that on Gloria's pants?

Ah, a "Slight" injury. He helps if you stay on your feet.


This was not her day!

It was a bit cold and rainy, but now lunch.

Bill and Judy

Pamela and Gary

A shelter in time of storm

Were we in trouble?

Could be.  But not today.

Back home.

A very nice hiking area.

Nice to have Vic back with us.

Hikers....straight up?

I think that is our vehicles over there,  and they have heaters!

No one seemed to want to leave, so I did.