TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Mather Lodge

We will return to this....later!

Enjoying the fireplace before the cold hike.

Ron and Tom heading out

....and some of the rest of us

Our first creek to cross

...and our first stop

Arriving at Cedar Creek Falls overlook


Catching up .... always fun!


They dared to enter .... we would have to keep a close watch on these girls today!

....and this is part of the reason why!

Our first look at Cedar Creek Falls


It was a bit slippery

Heading down to Cedar Creek


...did I mention slippery?

Bill always exploring!

Enjoying Cedar Creek

The Hale's

Approaching our bridge crossing

Some of us on the bridge


Pam and Rhonda on the bridge

Looking up Cedar Creek

Hiking on the Boy Scout Trail

Leaving the bridge ... or could you figure that out for yourself?


Our first grotto

Frank and Pam

Dale explaining something or maybe not!

Tom and Ron

Ann ... well bundled up



Pam, Brenda and Rhonda

...and now onward we go

...and down we go

A nice starburst pictograph

Down to the observation deck

...and it was a bit slippery too!

This could mean trouble for us!

Some of us on the observation deck

Someone trying to make a point ... I guess you can figure it out?

Oh, it's Pam .... and we had three Pam's today


Cedar Creek Falls from the deck

Someone taking a picture of the falls


Back view .... front view.

What are they doing?  ...... Oh!

Looking at something, not sure what!

Looking for more pictographs



Bruce holding the cave up for us while we search.


Inside Rock House Cave

What are they looking at?



Ah, another pictograph

I agree!

Taking a picture of taking a picture


Heading back

A stressed pine

From inside out


Our trip back was much faster .... why?  FOOD!

...and back across the bridge


One last look at Cedar Creek

Some nice oxidation on the bluff

Last one across the bridge has to pay!


Back on the narrow path

...and on the slippery rocks

Barbara making fast time

...and a shortcut up the hill

Our two new friends ... Philip and Jill

What's in those pill bottles? Huh?

Ah, this is what Valentine's Day is all about .... well maybe not all!


It was a good day, a good hike and now for some good food!

Pam paying!

Pam leaving before she had to pay for someone else's!