TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Hawksbill Crag Trailhead

Wild Azaleas (Their fragrance filled the woods)

We did this all day long

We made it to our first destination

Our first sighting of Mule Trail Falls


Mule Trail Falls

...and we did this all day long!


...and our first look at Thousand Kisses Falls

Ah, we made it, but no one to kiss!

...so we just took pictures!

The floor of the Ozarks were in full bloom, everywhere.

...and the water holes were very inviting, but we had to push on.

This was typical, .......all day long!

But there were nice rewards!

...we even had time to reflect on the beauty

..and to enjoy more of the wild flowers


We needed help identifying all the flowers

This was HUGE!  ..and orange!

The water was cold and clear.

...and we finally arrived at the Buffalo

...and so lunch out of the rain was nice

Harrison made his own umbrella, while trying to eat


Such a look!  ????

We were now trying to get our wits about the next part...


Getting there was half the fun....

...the other half was getting home!

We were already tired, and now this!

...so a little help was OK!

Chuck was either resting or enjoying the scenery.  You decide.

We came from way down there

Up here was nice

...and a nice place to stop and rest, on the Crag.

The bluffs next to the Crag

...and of course, Hawksbill Crag

..and some more resting and enjoying the scenery

....only a few more steps

...and it all had to be uphill!

This is how we all felt, but hey we all made it.  Very rewarding indeed!


Six miles through the "jungle", over rocks, sliding down hillsides, wading creeks,  Poison Ivy, ticks, enduring the rain, and up a 700 foot steep climb out.  Yes that is rewarding.  Crazy huh?