TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Cecil Creek Trailhead

Heading that way

...and of course, water the first thing!

....but we all make it ......DRY!

...but once again, more water to cross

...but we make it...again...DRY!

The Mask Bandit


Nay, it's just Barbara. Did we mention it was 14 Degrees?

...so on to the cave


It warmed up by the time we finished to 27 Degrees!

Oh, by the way, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"  Dale

John finds a cave....gotcha!

...but this is the entrance to the real cave

...and this marks the spot

We crawled on our belly's to get here

A waterfall inside the cave, trust me, if you can't tell from the picture

There were bats everywhere

Exploring.  It was an amazing cave.  You had to be there. It was hard to take pictures in complete darkness.

There were at least three BIG rooms

Bat art


Looking up in  the BIG room

Trying to figure out where the water goes from here?

You had to be there to ......!!!

(Photo by Doug Shambarger)

(Photo by Doug Shambarger)

(Photo by Doug Shambarger)

The ceiling in one of the rooms

Looking out in another room to the outside?

The pool of water at the waterfall

(Photo by Doug Shambarger)

(Photo by Doug Shambarger)

(Photo by Doug Shambarger)

We come back outside just in time for lunch

...and then on to Thunder Canyon Falls

Did I mention, it was a little tough getting there?

Blue pools along the way to the falls


That is ICE on those rocks

...and sometimes we can't decide what to do next

...and yes we did get a few shoes wet, right Pam from LR?

...and the rest watched


...and John was a bit daring at times

..but we arrive at the canyon


and there is Thunder Canyon Falls

...and there is Paula and John

Quite a place, indeed.

and us at the falls

....and us again at the falls



...but we had to go

...some did it their own way

...and back across the water with no mishaps this time.