TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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A new gate....a new sign!

Sorry Edd, we trespassed!

...and on down the road we go

Our first view....Home Valley Bluffs

Do we stay on top or go below?

We'll do both

The Dome Rock

The Dome Rock with John and Jim

The Dome Rock with Ron, Frank, Bev, Carol, Ann, etc.

Tea Table Rock

Tea Table Rock with Bill and John

Tea Table Rock  from below

Upper Tea Table Falls

Lower Tea Table Falls

Us way down below

Hunting for the Latin Inscription

...and we find it

....and this Indian Head

... and we are not sure what this is, if anything?

And the most important hunt.....a place to EAT!

....and so we chow down

...and chow

....and chow

....and chow

Good to have Ron back with us.

...and some neat rock formations on the bluffs

...and some neat stuff inside the grotto

...and our newest members, Augusta and Carl.


Checking out things below French Falls

.... TAKAHIK Investigators


French Falls, not much water!

Optical illusion....an inny or an outy?

This way?

.....or this way?