TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Gunner Pool


We'll do the hiking today.


We line up and take off

....it would be a little cool for awhile

...but really nice for hiking


A look down at Sylamore Creek

....and so we don't get lost, lots of signs along  the way

....no one brought a saw today!


9 miles from Allison

Time to shed a few clothes

....and more signs



Lots of green moss along the trail

....and rocks



"Scat" lesson

....and more signs to keep us in the right direction


Yep, it was!

8 miles from Allison

I think it's a bridge?



A few shots of Sylamore Creek


Looking for a lunch spot

In the sun would be good!

A little chilly, so keep the coats on!



My kind of lunch!

....or maybe even this!

... or a nice hot cooked meal!


...and Bob is sure, he's not sure!


Not sure what Donna has in there

Dorothy not sure about anything!


So .....

...let's skip a few rocks.  Way to go Gloria!

Guess this was one of his favorite places?


But onward we must go

... and yet another sign

....and a few resting spots


....and a few camera shots

....and a carpeted trail

...and Bob doing his usual thing .... sitting!


....and Dorothy joining him

....and Spanish Moss

...and guess what?  Another sign.


...and so we arrive at our destination

Us at Blanchard Springs Trailhead

Now leaving here and heading to Mt. View


Roaming the streets


... and meeting a few wild animals along the way

Killing time until supper


This is how guys shop

...and this, of course Bob has to sit.

....and another new friend


Where we ate supper...and it was good.


It was good to get in out of the cold

....and good to eat


....and good to eat, did I mention that?

Not to go out and weather the cold!


Fajitas....very good, but way too much food!


Mt. View Court House

...Court House with lights

...and singing


It was very nice.

We have had a long day, a good hike, a good meal, beautiful lights and parade of the Christmas Story, but now it is time to go home.  It was worth it all. 

Lighting of the Christmas Tree