TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Cold, damp but ready for the Spainhour Trek

Even our first steps were through water

...and then a little dry ground

...our second steps, guess what?

We would be doing this all day long

..but since there was water, there was this!

...and look we did


...and sometimes things were a little "slick"

There were a lot of uphill streams to look at...




Most of us went up high, these stayed to build a bridge

Pam (from Memphis) decides to cross here (Nice hop)

...but we decided to not cross, so back she comes!


Brenda brings out the J.C. Penny sacks


Notice Suzy has only one shoe in her hand, the other one is floating down stream!


....and they "ALMOST" work!  Almost!

Chuck seems bewildered?


He finds his own place to cross

...and it was not as easy as it looked


Susan discovers a nice log


...and so the others follow

Pam is having way too much fun

.. Suzy has her own style of log "hopping"

...and Carol is either stuck or scared

...and some do it the "mans" way

Suzy likes to cross safely

Suzan likes to jump

Char likes to slip and fall

All along the way we see scenes like these

...and our first sighting of Spainhour Falls

If it were Spring, a nice swim would be in order

...but it's not Spring, so no swimming today


...but it was time to settle in and eat lunch

Does she look cold, well YES!

...and so here we are all safe and sound, at Spainhour

We decide to regroup before our "wet" journey back

Even Camden gets a little treat


...and so does Susan

Pam trying to decide what her next step will be

...and Suzy comes back the same way to went the first time


We all have our advice in how to cross

And now to try and find Lucy Falls

....it was pretty nice just getting there

Our first sighting of Lucy

... and what was below Lucy

...and even more stuff on below

and this looks like another good place to take a dip, but not today


We would find out on the way back, we all get  "dipped" a little

One false move and Chucks going down

Rolling up our pants legs so they won't get wet, yeah sure!


Nice legs huh?

Nothing slows Gloria down

At first it is cold, then the numbness sets in and your fine.

It was important to keep you balance, or who knows what.....


We had plenty of chances to try out the "numbness".




One last time to cross, I think!

Bob would roll up his pants legs so he wouldn't get wet ...

...but he forgot to take off his shoes!

Chuck was enjoying a last minute snack

...and you see what happens!

...and poor Carol....leg cramp!!  And did we stand around and watch...Sure we did!

There was a "MEAN" look just before she finally smiled,

...and our last sight of the creek

...and on homeward we went.  A good day, a good hike.