TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Us at the trailhead

Arriving at the river


We begin at Kyle's Landing .... we did not do the other!

.... and off we go!

White or yellow?

The first 2 miles were straight UP!

Our first overlook

Bob likes rocks and stumps

The Goat Bluff ....way over there.

Bob and Dorothy on the bench

Charlie and Tony waiting on the others

Finally... we head downhill a little!

Ferns and Fungi

Granny Henderson's Cabin

... and a little more downhill!

Arriving at The Slatey Place

Bob has a new friend ... the butterfly!

White or yellow?  DON"T take the yellow...Char and Jeff..OK?

Meandering down to the river

Charlie has lost his friend ....Jeff!

.. and we have lost both Char and Jeff!

Where we are going!

Where we have just been!

Arriving at the river and lunch

Tony the cave dweller.

A view of our first crossing.

The mighty "still" Buffalo

It was still ...but cold!

Our lunch spot


I believe we are about to have company!

Our friends from Fayetteville

I guess it is time to follow?

Checking for slippery rocks!

Bill our leader



.... and Dorothy

It was cold enough to turn your feet "blue"!

... and now on the horse trail (ORT)

Grey Bluff

...and our second crossing

...a little more current at this spot

Cold here also!


.... and Dorothy!  Oops!

Most made it across safely!

The girls comparing ...who got the wettest!


.... and now through a tropical jungle

....and the ORT

Old Settlers cabin


Our third crossing


We had it down, now!

Our forth crossing


The Buffalo River


This time ...

... a little help was nice!

We arrive back at the trailhead ... and guess what? We find Char and Jeff!

We arrive at the Barn on the River

...and are hungry

...so Bill and Gerry fed us!

... some had to be separated from the rest of us! The Water Girls.

Hi, Pumpkin

... our dishwasher

.... No,  we weren't scarred!

But it scarred the "cramps" into Carol

.... and NO we did not make fun of her!