TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Us at the unnamed waterfall

Making our way down to the New Place

Us on our own throne


Exploring some neat grottos

...and some neat bluffs

...and a few holes in the rocks

Grotto from the inside looking out...way neat!

...and some more grottos

Marion in a cave that leaks


...and a look back at some of the bluffs

...and more caves

...and more

...and even more

...they were all over the place!

Even I got between a rock and a hard place

An unnamed waterfall without US

...and did I mention another cave?

...and so after that adventure to the New Place..

It was time to go to the real Sam's Throne

...and there is was, but first to The Point for lunch

US at The Point

...and sure enough it was lunch

and with a great view indeed!

...and our first site of some rock climbers

This was Abigail from Missouri

She is trusting her friends with her life...

..and she makes it and we all applauded. Some neat entertainment!

...and so to the Throne

..and under a lot of bluffs

...we saw a lot of bluffs today!

Some boys from Missouri do it the hard way....


...and this is how they got down on the other side

Just a friendly reminder to be careful

...and so we were careful....we used a rope.

...some climbed the Throne backwards

Dr. Ted taking his first climb up

...and being "careful" he uses the rope

..and this is proof he made it to the top

This was our inspiration....a seven year old boy climbing the face

...so with that we climb back down

...but some forgot about the "rope"

We all make it back off the Throne and onward

..but we have lost one of our hikers?

...oh, there she is!

...but the Throne is still our favorite place.

Sorry some of you missed it!

It was a perfect day.....

...a great hike to some new places