TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Our first encounter with a "bear"

...and our first encounter with real "people"


...and such a cute face!


Lots of May Apple blossoms

...and off we go into the thick brush

That is one big "grapevine"

...and now to decide which way to go...

Ah, the crash site

...and one big sacrifice

And these were some folks we met on the trail

...and airplane parts to prove it


...and off we go again

Good to see Bill again

...but hard to see Conlee in the May Apples

...and good to have Boyd with us today

Wait Bill, we were only kidding.....

...but we couldn't stop him

Ta Da! (Wait until Judy sees this!)

Don't know who's the most tired?...but Boyd is smiling!

Yes Spring....

...has sprung

...another decision to make

Conlee and his Nana


...so up we will go

...and at the top the views were great

....I believe that's downtown Jasper

..and over there is Missouri ( You could see forever)

Not a care in the world today. And yes, kids do like to hike too!

A little rest does a man good!  Yes, indeed!


...but down we must go


"Kinfolk talk"


A little trail maintenance was needed today

Note the shadow, neat huh?

Crested Iris


...and a butterfly on honeysuckle


...and then on to Falling Waters

..and some nice water

If the water was warmer, it would have been a good day to take a dip!

Some nice tree art

Soon that rock will be covered


 Amazing tree roots


Kayak over anyone?

The sound of the water was nice and soothing

Conlee and his waterfall

This scene may one day be a painting

A few weeks ago, no one would be standing there

....do we have to go?


Kids do like to play in water

We found where Hillary spends her weekends

This sign needed to be put about ten miles before the next picture

It is quite a site to see how much of the hillside came down. Unreal!

Access to Richland Campground will not be this way, today..