TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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A ride across Snow Creek

...and now ready for the "downhill" part...

Getting ready for the "slide" down

Bobby ready for just about anything???

Searching for The Dig

...and by golly, I think we may have found it!

...and by golly, we did!

Still some evidence of digging going on

The Indians in this area must have been tough....

A side waterfall on our way up Penhook Hollow

The dogs needed to play and relax a bit

...and we were looking for a place to play also

...and it didn't matter where, just somewhere

Food taste good after a climb like that..

...and even a little rest felt goooooood! Too!

A look up Penhook

...and look down at Penhook Hollow Falls

...and Bill at another side waterfall

...and so after a steep climb back up...

...we arrive back at our vehicle..

Thanks to Steve for the shuttle.