TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Pedestal Rocks

Our maintenance crew for the day

Our destination

It didn't take us long to get started

Lots of dead trees

... and overgrowth

With so many loppers we shouldn't miss a thing!

....and I don't think we did!

A temporary fix for the sign

Barricading a "shortcut"!

Doug and Pam

Barricading shortcuts was one task for the day!

Dorothy was our cleanup lady

The Arch

One of many pedestals


Jimmy hard at work

....while others supervise!

A pedestal

A nice rock formation

....and yet another

Inside one of the caves

Finally lunch!

Pam and Doug



Jimmy and Dr. Ted

Where's Teresa?


....and the whole gang less ME!

A "slog" on a rock

Exiting lunch

...and on to exploring other caves


A nice view out

.....and Tony

Another look outside

.....and another.

Looking up

Someone's not working!

....so with that...back to work!

Blocking an old road

The "Famous Pedestal"


...and again

Making our way back out

....again lots of supervisers

...but lots of workers also


Mary showing us where we were last week....Kings Bluff Falls Loop

.... and back at the trailhead, safe

....and a bit tired.  Good job gang!