TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Haw Creek Falls

...the sun would prove to be bad on photos

...but the water was nice

Heading up to Pack Rat Falls

Yee big ole tree

...and Dale and Tom inside yee big ole tree


A pool along the way

...and Pack Rat Falls

If it were spring this would be a nice place to take a dip


Roy and Janet from Atkins


...and so it is time to head back down

Yes, this was up hill

...and now up to Pam's Grotto

It sure wasn't cold, Gloria just likes her coat!


..and time to rest and shed a few clothes

...and tell some big tales

They were smiling on the outside, but inside ?????? Not sure!

A "wonder how this beech tree is living" and bluffs along the way

Glad today we are not heading up there, did I mention it was getting HOT?

...and now we go down



...and through rock boulders

..to get to see Bob rinsing off

...and another nice pool to dip in...but in the spring

...and so lunch

...and we were a bit hungry after all that climbing

Peggy and Clay enjoying their private spot

Lunch and a little conversation

...and a nice grotto to get under

...and a little shade if you needed it, and today we did!

A tree and Pam's Grotto Falls

...and under the bluff

...and US getting wet

...and US again


...and now for the FUN part!


...we decide to take a "short cut" back

...and Peggy would....

....do this all the way down, neat huh?

Whose idea was this anyway?

...but we make it

It was now noon and no one wanted to leave, so several went their own direction  and took in a few more hikes on this fine March day.


Chuck and I went to a secret place

...where there were a lot of names craved in sandstone

...and yes that is 1896

We found them all in this grotto, and there were a bunch

This one dated 1924

...and perhaps Indians were here also?

Some were just random letters, I guess?

..and some letters were backwards?

Some made no sense at all




...and they were all down this way.  Got five bucks and we'll tell you how to get there!