TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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It seemed to be a little foggy

....it didn't look foggy anywhere else

Ah, it helps to wipe off  your camera lens, that's better!

The water was a bit cold, but felt gooooood!

Looking down Buck Branch

Looking up Buck Branch

It is hard to see, but this is a "big" bear track.  We followed it for quite awhile and it was pretty fresh.  We lost it right before we entered into the Chancel Spur, but were looking over our shoulders the rest of the day. 

Stinging Nettles


Chancel Spur


Entering the OHT

We were already sweating at this point



Mile Post 119

We found this type of thing in several places along the way

...some we would have to reroute the trail until the "chainsaw boys" arrived.

We dipped our hats several times today to help keep us cool

Mile Post 120

We would need natures "sticks" to keep us on top of the rocks

...and most of the time it worked

Lunch break and lots of gnats, but you can't see them, we could!


There were still a lot of wildflowers

Mile Post 121

We could have used a little more help, where was everyone today?

At the "Famous Rock"


It was like a tropical jungle and we were in the Ozarks

Mile Post 122 and getting close to the end, hey!

We would refresh ourselves in Buck Branch, felt very good.

This would be the end of the trail and the end of our tenth season.

...and now 2 miles to our vehicle

...and one last creek to cross

...but the concrete helped this time.