TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Our first obstacle.....Buck Branch

Us and Buck Branch

Road to Chancel

Entering Chancel

Beginning  our OHT Maintenance

.....and there would be plenty to do today!

The saws would come in handy


.....and the clippers

.....and the loppers

Mile 119

Bob doesn't rest even when he's resting!

Carol and her mighty saw...thanks for bringing it

We did what we could, but had to leave the BIG stuff

There were downed trees everywhere

....and an occasional clear stretch

These we would leave

...and these!

Mile 120

The ladies did one fine job today

Walking Sticks were quite plentiful

It was already noon and we hadn't gone very far

We meet some hikers from Memphis who had to hike through this...SORRY!

......but it was a perfect day to be out in the woods

....so we enjoyed it as best we could

A short stop for camera instructions

....but Dorothy kept on working

We smiled a lot and worked a lot!


...and Bob kept on sweating!

We rested from time to time to keep a "mutiny" from happening!

...and finally at 1:15 P.M. we ate lunch

...but we didn't have much time to eat...more work!


Mile 121

It didn't take long before we ran into more of this

Us at the Famous Rock


...and now uphill for a little while

Mile 122

One last ravine to cross

We finally made it, late in the day, and now another mile out to our vehicles


...and it was a little slippery


Even our route out was no picnic!

Our last crossing at Buck Branch

Not deep....but slick!

....and now for our ride out

We all made it just fine


It was a full day, lots to do, but a since of giving back to the OHT.  Be back in the spring.  (Probably with new folks?)