TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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At Mt. Magazine Visitors Center


Our first trail

It was a bit breezy ... indeed!


Several small creeks to cross

...and some nice views, but a little foggy


Very small


....and a vista or two

...at Dill Point

...and its view


...and onward

No way to get lost on these trails

A fungi covered tree stump


....and yet another small creek

...and more "onward"

Time to catch our breath


Still on the right trail....I think!

Don't remember this pavement from last time!

Ah,  that's the reason!


We'll go this way. anyway....a shortcut!

I knew we were on the right trail

....and time for a little snack for a little girl.


Bringing up the rear

We make it to the top

Elevation 2753


As high as we are going to get today!

....and now back down

....and back up


Ah, the Lodge


This is actually a "real" ginger bread house

Hugh tree


We are warm now and ready to eat lunch

Trying to decide

Bobby and Donna


Carol and Carol, you decide which is which

Argie and Bob





A picture on the wall

Bathroom tile ... neat!


Bob and Bob ... you decide here too.

A grand fireplace

Ted trying to sneak a piece of the ginger bread house


Time to leave ... it was a great lunch


We'll be back

The wind was blowing, it was cold and we still had 3 miles to go.


...so here we go

...but off again


... with a rest or two along the way


This must be where we turn?

A unique tree

...and unique faces in the unique tree


Nice tile creek crossing

It was not deep, but it was  cold

Tree hats


The ditch has them puzzled

Nice choice of colors

Our new friends from Conway


Ah, pavement!

They couldn't have made it without their hiking sticks

Back at the Visitor Center


The inside will feel good.  Did I mention it was cold?

We saw a bear ...

...and a cougar


....and a squirrel

....and Ted and Bobby


...and now with that, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.