TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Moccasin Gap Trailhead

First things first!


It is 9:00 A.M., so we can be LOUD!


Ready to GO!


Nice trail, huh?

Not all of it was "paved"

Not sure which?

But some of us are not sure.


Bill says it is the "beginning" and he has proof.


We will just have to trust our leader....whoever that is?


Even Radio is not sure!

We started with "orange", so we must continue with "orange"?


Pamela will just wait until we decide.

Ah, now we are moving again.

It's good to have Dee back with us.

A little water here and there

....and a cowboy or two

....and more water

Finally arriving at Stave Mill Falls

Us at the falls


Stave Mill Falls, but not much water.


Now back on the trail

....but it's time for lunch so we stop

A nice place to eat

Peggy enjoying her sandwich

Bill in deep thought

....and Ted and Pam and Frank

A small hole of water

...which actually had a  lot of fish in it.  How did they get there?

We are hikers so we stay on the dirt.

Peggy got on the "block paving" and got stuck!


...and Bill is not sure which route to take

There was a little fall in the air

What we just did

The trails were well marked

...and very wide


More trail markers

...and more wide trails

It was uphill out....and horse campers to greet us.