TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Ready to see what we could do!

....and it didn't take long.

Lots of dead stumps.

Pulling and sawing

....and sawing

...and Carol equipped for anything!

....and sawing

....and sitting

....and lopping

We finally arrive at Kings Bluff

....and visit our bluff project

...replacing some of the railings (temporarily)

...but first a little nourishment!


That is one brave girl!

Column No. 1

Column No. 2

Column No. 3

Column No. 4

Bob likes trees too!

... and so does Dorothy

Gary and Pamela


Our project


Char's project (hitting Jeff with a rock)

The gang on the bluff

The railings are "temporarily" repaired

.... and now on with trail maintenance

This makes maintenance worth it all

...and there was plenty to do

..but we didn't complain

One of the larger pedestals

The scenery was magnificent


...another pedestal

...and another (and we weren't even at the Pedestal Rock area)

Surveying the view

Nice bluffs everywhere

...but onward we must go


Almost to the end

...and we were getting a little "pooped"

It was a perfect weather day, enjoyed the trail and hope others will enjoy it even more.  There were lots of folks out today.  We got lots of compliments for our work.  It was our pleasure.  Next week will be the "Pedestal Rocks" turn.