TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Pedestal Rock Trailhead


...and off we go for another adventure!

...and yes that is snow!

It didn't take long to get to Kings Bluff Falls


...but that was not our destination

...it was "downunder" we would go

...and down we would go

Some did it their own way

...and some did it their own way too

After a quick look at "cat" tracks


Our birthday girl....Brenda.

...and Carol did it anyway she could!



Quiet, still and nice!


We would do this a lot today

...and we didn't mind a little help!


Looking down the creek

Looking up the creek

Looking across the creek

...so before our long trip up hill, it was time for lunch

and a little rest in the sunshine

It felt good in the sun, after all that snow



Linda wishing Bruce was here.   Carol wishing she wasn't!

Our birthday girl and her birthday cake

...But now for the serious stuff, straight uphill!!!!!!

That is where we are headed, below the Pedestals

...and these are the ones that made it first

...and these were a close second!

Who is this?

Who are they?

...this has got to be Karen?

The Hern Family, Becky, Happy and Steve.


Coming out of the closet, I mean the cave.

From below the pedestals

and here we are, all safe and sound?

...but we have to get on top


Happy is tuckered out, but who wasn't?

What a day!!!  Where's are the vehicles?

...a last look at a pedestal

...and a "naughty" tree!

Where we've been......sort of!  Only we that were there know what a day it was, and where we went and how we got there. Fun huh?

...just one last little hill and home

Poor Tom!  This is where he spent the last four hours.