TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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We made it across the low water bridge, now onward.

Dogwoods in the Ozarks

OHT pretty grown up

...and "burnt" too!

Our first creek crossing

...we all needed a little help!

...but not Bob

You had to be there to see all the neat colors on this creek rock

A lone plant on a solid rock

Looking up towards Keefe Falls

...and it was back and forth

...but there was our first sighting of Keefe Falls

Bill getting wet

...and the pool at the bottom

Us at Keefe Falls

A little break and snack

It was a good place for just that

We hated to leave, but......

We hit the road for the next place

Nice creeks everywhere


...and a side glimpse of Falling Water Creek

What could they be looking at?

Ah, a Bull Snake in the water

...and we hit the road again

A few shots of Six Finger Falls

The water was nice today

...but too high to allow us to cross over to Fuzzybutts Falls, maybe next time?


Wendy, Peggy, Judy and Bill

Peggy and Robert

Alan and Selina (and baby)

and another shot of Six Finger Falls


Brenda and Conlee enjoying lunch


Us at Six Finger Falls



..and so now we have to leave

Spring .....

....is still....

...in the air.

Looking for a crossing...not today!


Enjoying the sunshine and the company

Looking down Falling Waters Creek

A nice slot waterfall

Looking up Falling Waters Creek

The Hale's

..and our last trek down the road and home.  A great day to be out!

We visited Falling Waters Falls on the way out...

What our passengers did on the ride home.