TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Compton Trailhead

Ready for our adventure

...and off we go

Spring would welcome us

Our first glimpse of Hemmed-In Hollow


This part is ALL downhill

Peggy can walk and take pictures too!

Our first waterfall

...but where is Hemmed-In Hollow Falls

Ah, there it is, and water too

We made it to the bottom, now what?

How about lunch?

What a splendid place for lunch

Pat thinks so

...and so does Steve and Becky

Karen just wants to eat!

There were more than just us to enjoy the falls

I hope Bob has sunscreen with him

We all made it the falls

....so what next?

How about the Buffalo?

Nobody told us we would be doing this

...a little cold and a little rocky!

It was slow going

No one offered us a ride in their canoe

...so you just have to make the best of it

...and finally all have crossed!

No, there's Bob

...and Steve

....and now finally Becky

...and there's California Point, so we have to be going in the right direction?


I know this had to be the trail, there's the sign


...but yet another obstacle, Sneed Creek

...but does that slow Karen down, no way!

...nor the rest of us

...but what now, Trail Closed?  Has that ever stopped us?  NO!

...and there is our other destination

I hope someone is home

...but there doesn't seem to be

Jessie checks upstairs

No sign of Granny Henderson

Karen can't find anyone either

...so we'll just rest a bit

..and enjoy the scenery from the porch

...but off we have to go

A primitive trail, that must be the way to go

...so we'll see, if it leads to the Goats Bluff

...and yes it did

Little bitty canoes on the Buffalo

.. and what a view of those little bitty canoes

How nice, nature's chair

If Doug can get through this hole, we all can!

Ah, the Goats Bluff


He did, so we will try

This at times was a little scary

If it looks like the ledge is sloping, IT IS!

Proof that I was there too (Danny)

It helps to sit a spell to get your "bluff legs"

Two hundred feet down, if you fall

What in the world is that? OH! It's karaoke Char!

...and Bill and Gerry

A nice stalactite

Hugging the inside edge, is wise!

Teresa and Tony on the "edge"

Peggy enjoying her victory on the bluff


One last look at the mighty Buffalo

Now on to our next destination


Remember the downhill coming in?

Well, you know the saying...

It was high fives, clapping and yelling as we reached the top!

If you go DOWN....

...you gotta go UP!


It was good just to sit down

...and rest!

After eight miles, rocky trails, waterfalls, river and creek crossings, narrow bluffs and an uphill climb, we all made it.  Now we were tired and hungry. The Ozark Cafe would be our last destination.  A very fine day indeed.