TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Fern Gully


Good to have Peggy back

Exploring some of the neat bluffs and holes in trees?

This bluff line may not be here the next time we come?

The water was beautiful...but the crossings were less than spectacular!

Peggy finds rocks to suit here liking

Indian Bob and Squaw Dorothy


Carol.....Pamela....Gary...make it just fine

There were plenty of cascades today


A skeleton tree of some sort?

...and more cascades

Where is that Rocket Slide? 

Char and Radio

...and water

...and water, but no Rocket Slide!

Hiking "through" the rocks

Char....we are DOWN here!

...and more tunnels

Lots of crevices

A "bent" tree

...and another one...this may be sacred ground?


Us at the cave

...and Peggy

..and back across the creek, we hope...dry!

Char checking the depth? or something!

...and a little help from your friend

Bye Bye

Fern Gully

We came DOWN......

...so we must go UP



White Rock Mt.


White Rock Mt. Trailhead

...and around we go

Radio and Pamela taking a "look see"

....at the well


...and around we go

...but this shelter has no sides!

..nor does that one

Finding a shelter to get out of the 30 mile an hour wind!




and Lou

...and around we go

What a view!

Lou holding his hat on and Dr. Ted


Not sure where to go next


...so how about our cars?


Too many decisions


Our final destination

It was a great day, in spite of the wind.