TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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It was hard to get good help

....so you just do it yourself!

....and unpack.

Cody making sure folks know where to go.

...and finally, help arrives

...and some just lay down on the job!


Tim and Ray

....and their setup

Making sure the credit card "thingy" works!

...and the screen saver "thingy"

Tim doing some homework before the big show

Ray Scott (Tim said your check was in the mail!)

....and the crowds arrive early

Lots of young enthusiast (That's a good thing)

Tim beginning!

We had Friday night, a big ballgame ....

....and cold weather to contend with, but still a nice crowd.


Tim was way too fast for my camera!

A wonderful show

Yes, it was just a great night.

....but now it is time to "disconnect"

....as the crowds were leaving

....and the halls are now empty. So good night John Boy.


 Many thanks to Dr. Theresa Herrick (Parks and Recreation  Dept. Ark Tech), Bill and Gerry Hemmer (TAKAHIK) Brenda Hale and Karen Hilburn (TAKAHIK) Cody Hill and his staff (Ark Tech Student Services) Chartwell (Ark Tech) and Ray Scott for his willingness to work for charity!  And of course to Tim for his great works and his sharing spirit.  Can't wait til next time.