TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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...and ready to go

....so here we go!


A nice straight line.....but not for long!

The downhill hike was slick

Our first sighting .....


....of the Mirkwood Cabin

Very nice

Owned by folks in the Serria Club


The inside was nice too

Natures swing


Remember when......?


Very large Frost Flower

...but onward to Find D'Coda

.... and of course we have to cross Hurricane Creek


Did I mentioned it was cold

....and wet for some...oops!

Nice boots Ron!


Jessie making good time

Not sure if Tony is

....and Bill being very careful


...and Dorothy who always takes the deepest part

....and D'Coda meeting us on the other side

So now we have found D'Coda so let's go get warm


They had a nice camp fire for us to get warm and dry

It was 30 degrees when we left our vehicles so this felt very good

Peggy found her a hand warmer



A "special" brew was waiting for us....guess what it was?


D'Coda welcomes us to her home


One of D'Coda's best friends

....and now we hear her story

...while Bill tries to get warm


....and while Ted warms his cold nose

....and we eat

....and hear more fascinating stories


I was wondering what Doug and Jessie had in their backpacks! Potatoes!

D'Coda shows us around

The main house


Lots of neat ways to conserve and use natural resources

How does she live without ELECTRICITY?

This will become the new library someday


What this place used to be named a long time ago


D'Coda showing us her garden

It was filled with every kind of plant you could imagine!


Dr. Ted doing a house call


Tim had thought he had broken his wrist, but Doc fixed him up.

Tim has lived here for two months


It was now getting on and almost time to to

...so we huddled around the fire once more

...and said our goodbyes!


...but only to face Hurricane Creek once more

We were ready this time....we had some of that "special" brew

The water wasn't any warmer, but we didn't care this time.


Ah! Father and daughter consoling each other after the crossing.

You could hear Doug....what was he saying? You don't want to know!


We made it just fine this time


Bob always finds a rock or a log to sit on, always.

This is the girl we lost, but found. Who is she anyway?

If you go down, you know what is next.  Up!



Lorraine made it just fine her first hike with us....but will she return?

The ladies are making it look easy, where are all the guys?

They come out of the woods in groups



...and in singles


....and in groups.


Ted was ready to come out, period!

Gloria was gathering hickory nuts on her way out?????

...and last but not least, Dorothy and Bill



It was another great day, another adventure, we had it all. Ain't life great?  ... and THANKS to all that brought food.  I know it was appreciated by D'Coda and Tim.