TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Out behind Mather Lodge

...ready for our accent DOWN

...and down between rocks

...and between more rocks

....and down winding rock steps

and "Walter's" Indian Paint

...and still further down

...and finally we reach the bottom

...and get to cross Cedar Creek via a wood bridge

A nice little Ice Flower

...and yes finally we get to the falls

Donna and Bob at Cedar Falls

Ah, Cedar Falls

Yes, that's ice at the bottom

...and onward to Blue Hole

Yes, that's DEAN

...and Chris and Hunter looking for Dee

There's Dee way down there?

A very nice rock bridge

...very nice indeed!

Even Hunter appreciated it!

Us at the Rock Wall

A little up hill, a little down hill....


...a little on the level

...but now for the GOOD part of the day!

Rewards are worth it all (Eating of course)

...and so it was a good day for Augusta and Carl

Cedar Falls

From the top view


..and so we leave once again, to return someday.