TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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A few of us....really this is ALL of us!

What is Dale up to? ....or in to?


We spent a lot of the day doing this!

A nice resting spot


Cave No. 1

Our final accent


We begin at the end!

This place needed a little cleanup...but it's not really a trail.


A magnificent place


This is our quick change artist ....

....this would go on all day long!

Yes, a magnificent place


Finding our way around the bluff line


We found the climbing chain but no one on the other end!

Looking for our way down


Char adding to the Vortex!

Ah, I think we are getting closer

...and so down we go


...and down we go

...and so on

...and so on


I have never seen a face on Bob like this before!


We make it down, and now we have to look up.

We would need to even go further down


...on our you know what!

....and this is the way we went down


Dale is either short or in deep leaves or sliding.



Looking out

Inside Cave No. 1


Looking in.   This thing was hugh!


...and along


...and now back out

....and up


Our first casualty! Sorry!

We always have time to pose.


There were some big bluffs down here ...nice ones!


...and some nice rock formations.

Entering Cave No. 2

Looking inside


Name of a climbing rock.

Looking outside

This is not the sun shinning on this bluff, this was it's color.


...and now we find our way out.

It was a tight squeeze

Lorraine made it look easy


We came from way down there.

Jimmy trying to get rid of a little equipment before ascending.


Peggy was last but not least.  Way to go.


We had a great time, all came out safe and now it was time for lunch!