TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Steel Creek

I guess there will be "three" in this canoe?

Bobby and Donna making their way to the river

Bill lining up his kayak

This dog was afraid of the water, so he stayed inside the canoe!


We made our own launch site

Finally, we made it to the river

It was going to be a great day for canoeing

Mac sneaking out from behind a rock

Ah, so "calm" and "peaceful"

The Price's favorite canoe, not a dent anywhere on it!

Yes, we were just cruising along, nice!

...and yes this was Tony's first kayaking trip, too.

...yeah,  and see what happens when you least expect it!

...they say pride goeth before the fall, I'm thinking is goes afterwards!

Ah, but calm once again

We were up there a few weeks ago...Goats Bluff

Dr. Monfee, Rhonda and Mac

She got in and she ain't getting out

....well for some reason....she got out!

..remember the "pride" thing?

...but yes, that calm thing once again

Even Jim's Bluff was calm

Is that Gerry and Dale on California Point?

..and is that one of those Trigg boys jumping off the bluff?

Well their father did it first!

So now for a little lunch

Has anyone seen Char?


Looking down from California Point, hoping our canoes don't float off.

The Price Family and the Hemmer Family


Was that her jumping?  Yes I believe it was!

The family that rubs backs together.....doesn't get a sunburn.

One with, one without!

We've eaten, now onward

Launching into the "deep" No...shallow today.


It is bad when you have to hike across the river to go hiking

...but that is how we had to get to Hemmed In Hollow Falls

...and there is was, swaying in the wind.

Lots of folks out today, enjoying the nice weather and the falls

We even meet Peggy Tilley along the way


Now to load up and hit the river

A little rough in spots and a whole lot of calm

My view

Our first kayak trip and we liked it.

This was Tony's friend that tried to get in the boat with him.  Never seen Tony move so fast, not even when he runs a marathon.

The Price girls spent plenty of time in the river, instead of on the river!

Arriving at Kyle's Landing.....and so quick!

It was a great day, great folks, great weather, a little excitement from time to time, but a nice outing.  If you missed it, too bad, maybe next year.

This is the COUPON you will receive after contributing to the Buffalo National River Fund.  See the following for how you can help.


The Buffalo National River is needing money for maintenance on their access roads into the launching areas along the Buffalo River, especially at Kyle's Landing.  How can you Help?  The Holidays are coming up and many of you will be canoeing and camping along the Buffalo River.  Might I suggest a weekend at Kyle's Landing.  Speeding is the number one money raiser.  Camping too close to the river, using glass containers and drinking in excess are only a small way to get the Parks much needed funds.  If you would like to help, enter into the Park Boundaries driving between 16 - 22 MPH.  You will not see a Speed Limit Sign as you go in, but that doesn't matter, there is one as you come out.  I know money is tight, but your $85.00 ticket will be used to enhance your National Parks. We have done our part, now how about you?