TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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A "spliced" together photo (Can you tell?)


Ready to enter the wilderness

...and Hunter is the first to go

It would be easy going for awhile...but

Peggy is always smiling....just wait

New folks, some anyway.

...and more new folks...this is GOOD!

Heading down into the "gulf"

...some nice boulders along the way

...which deserves a little investigation

...and deserves a little time to catch up time

Nice to have the "Smith" family back

..and of course Cheyenne, up to her usual.

Us on the Rocks

...and a Rock

Pamela and Gary (What's he up to?)

...a not so good look at the falls

... a little better view

...ah, that's better

Nancy and David

Jim and Peggy

...and a whole bunch of others, scattered.

...we do like to eat, doesn't matter where!

..but what we eat, does matter

If you fall, act like you meant to! (and enjoy the time down)

The sound was soothing, can you hear it?

Our view from atop the falls

At least this time there was some water


It's only a little water, good grief!

...but I wouldn't want to slip and fall down there

...so on we go

A few pedestals

...and another rock wall


...and one more waterfall


Group shot!

That's much better

It was a good day, beautiful weather for February!


...and a few Elk on our way home