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Theresa Beshara-Cox
  Missing near Hawksbill Crag 8/30/21 - 9/1/21  

Search and Rescue Comand Post
Where Theresa parked her car on 8/30/21

Approximate Search Area




Sheriff Glen Wheeler returning Theresa home on 9/1/21

  Theresa's Story In Her Own Words  

Map of Theresa's Wanderings

Map of Theresa's Wanderings (with topography)

Some of the pictures Theresa mentioned taking during her stay at the grotto...

Theresa's Grotto

Theresa's Grotto

The Pool (Below the Grotto)

Fossils in the Grotto

  September 16, 2021  
  On this date, Glen, Theresa and Danny went in search of her grotto, pool and waterfall, and her route for the three days.  

Hawksbill Crag Parking Sign

Billboard Sign and Trail on Right Side

Danny, Glen and Theresa

Theresa leading the way down the trail.

Rock Cairn along trail.

Theresa trying to remember her route.
  After searching for several hours, we did not find the grotto, so we decided to head back out and go search where she came out of the woods on the third day. And work backwards!  

Arriving at house where Theresa came
out to Cave Mountain Road

Rock Wall that Theresa remembered.

Along the trail behind the house.
  Again, after several hours, we did not find the grotto, but did find the trail she found on the third day and her way out to the road. Map of our search below. 9/16/21  

Area Searched on 9/16/21 with Theresa, Glen and Danny

  On 11/11/21, I decided to go in seach for the grotto, on my own, just to eliminate some of the vast area, yet to be searched.
With a lot of luck, I found the grotto that Theresa spent two nights. Her camera tripod was still under the grotto.

Area Searched on 11/11/21

  December 14, 2021
On this date, Glen and Danny went to show Theresa the found grotto!

Danny, Theresa and Glen

Theresa at Billboard

Theresa heading down trail.

Following her tracks

Arriving at Theresa's Grotto

Theresa seeing her grotto for the first time
since her rescue.

Theresa reflecting on her two night stay....

Her tripod was still at the grotto when
I found it on 11/11/21.

Theresa on top of Grace Falls

Grace Falls from below

The Pool