TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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The route for the following photos is from Access Point "A" and heading to WF #1 and WF #2 and then accessing to the top of bluffs at Access Point "B". 
Follow top of bluffs to Access Point "C" to bottom of Bear Crack; up Bear Crack to top again and then at Access Point "D" go below bluffs and following
bottom of bluff line back to Access Point "B" and either head to Access Point "A" or head up hill to Access Point "E" and walk road back to Access Point "A".
Please Note: Access Point "E" crosses private property at curve of road. We have been asked to NOT park in this area by the owner.

Parking Area 35.84712°, 93.30515°

Access Point "A" (Old Road)
35.84655°, 93.30545°

Power Pole next to Access Point

WF #1 35.84552°, 93.29803°

Bear Up a Tree Grotto
35.84622°, 93.29612°

WF #2 Dismal Hollow Falls
35.84675°, 93.29402°

Bluff above WF #2 (North Side)
(Follow this bluff to access top)
Access "B" 35.84715°, 93.29293°

Upper WF #3
35.84817°, 93.29207°

WF #4 (On shear bluff line)
35.84810°, 93.28810°
(Dismal Shelter lies below this waterfall)

Survey Monument
35.84810°, 93.28743°

Bear...ing Tree Sign

Honey Tree
35.84805°, 93.28737°

Upper Waterfall #5
35.85018°, 93.28365°

Lower Waterfall #5 & Grotto
35.84980°, 93.28310°
(There is still another waterfall below this)
Inside Grotto at Lower Waterfall #5

Swing Tree
35.85117°, 93.27862°

Ledge around to botton of Bear Crack
Access Point "C" 35.85088°, 93.27802°

Bottom of Bear Crack
35.85038°, 93.27708°
(You can crawl up BC to access top)
A tight squeeze in places

Exiting at top

Top of Bear Crack (West End)

View from Top of Bear Crack
35.85042°, 93.27712°

Top Bear Crack (East End)

Bulge Pine
35.85060°, 93.27433°

WF #7
35.85153°, 93.27538°

Bluff line leading to WF #7

Unique Beech Tree
35.85060°, 93.27433°
(You can actually access bottom of bluffs at
 this point also.  Just to the west of the tree)

Access Point "D"
35.85080°, 93.27305°

Wild Pig Grotto
35.85103°, 93.27277°
(This is fartherest point east)
35.85103°, 93.27277°
Rock wall just downhill and west of

Wild Pig Grotto
Waterfall #6
35.85188°, 93.28008°

Base of bluff line heading west to caves
Cave #4 Front Entrance
(This is east cave)
Cave #4 Front Entrance
35.84777°, 93.28617°
Cave #4 Side Entrance
(West of Front Entrance)
Cave #2 and #3 Entrances
35.84783°, 93.28653°
Inside Cave #3
(Note side entrance)
Cave #3 Side Entrance
Cave #2 Entrance

 Cave #2

 Cave #2

Cave #1 and #1a behind vines

Entrance Cave #1a

 Cave #1a

From inside Cave #1a looking out

Entrance Cave #1
35.84782°, 93.28648°
(Caves #1 & #1a located west of Cave #2)

Inside Cave #1

 Deeping inside Cave #1

Even deeping inside Cave #1

From inside looking out of Cave #1
Dismal Shelter 35.84812°, 93.28780°
(Measurements: 135' wide, 75' deep)

Dismal Shelter and WF #4
Dismal Shelter and WF #4

Lower WF #3
35.84767°, 93.29178°

Access Up
35.84715°, 93.29293°

Crossing Private Property at Access Point "E"

Access Point "E"
35.85025°, 93.29620°
(Note: NO Parking Here)

If you park here you may get a note like this...
or even worse!