TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Map Prepared by TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers

Parking Area (Limited)
.23742°, 93.16321°

35.23745°, 93.16342°

Dardanelle Rock Landmark Sign

Beginning of Trail

Rock Climbing Area

Rock Climbing Area

Water Tank

Trail follows base of bluffs

Access up

Access to top

Top of Rock looking Northwest

Top of Rock looking Southeast

View of Dardanelle Dam

Top of  Rock and Trail

View of Dardanelle Bridge

View of Mt. Nebo

East end of Dardanelle Rock

Trail Marker

Dardanelle Rock

Monument at East end
35.23699°, 93.16374°

Dardanelle Rock

History of Dardanelle Rock
Dardanelle Rock has been a major landmark along the Arkansas River since the days of early Arkansas exploration.
There is a romantic "Legend of Dardanelle Rock" that relates the story of a Cherokee Indian chief named Dardanelle
who was wounded in a fierce battle with the Choctaws and while recuperating, fell in love with a beautiful maiden named Leonietta.
They made a pact.  He was to stand on Dardanelle Rock at sunset, and she would wave her mantle to him as a signal that she would
run away with him and become his bride.  He waited on the rock for many hours, but for some reason she failed to make an appearance.
He flung himself into the turbulent stream of the Arkansas River below.  Thus Dardanelle Rock was named for him. 
NOTE: This is just a Legend.