TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Blanchard Springs Trailhead

Our leader already out in front!

It is already 11 AM....so we must hurry on!

Our first bridge crossing on the trail

...and our first (small) creek crossing...

A perfect day for hiking!

Amelia and Rishubh

Still hiking...

Our next (small) creek crossing

Allison-2 miles ahead

A slick creek crossing

A perfect place for lunch

Danny watching over his flock


Did I mention it was a perfect day?



Amelia.  She was a delight and a good hiker!

Brenda and Heidi


Joann leading the pack

...and yet another (small) creek crossing

1.5 miles to Allison

Heidi taking care of her dad.

The King on his throne...

Looking over the rest of his kingdom!

A very tall waterfall!!!


Heading down for our (big) crossing!!!

The water was too deep for Amelia,
so she went piggyback!

Crossing Sylamore Creek at Allison

Remember Heidi is a swimmer....

....and swim  she did!

You had to watch out for those "deep" holes!

The water was cold, but felt good?

I guess John is stuck?

John helping Karen

Joann crossing

Nice shoes...who is wearing those?

Could it be Terry????

On our last leg of the trail

Our vehicles at the parking lot at Allison

Heidi was soaked from head to toe!

Everyone made it...

Now into Mt. View for the good stuff...

These folks actually were playing Celtic music.

Folks playing music everywhere

This will come in handy this winter...

John found his swing

Dinner at Mi Puedlito

We had a great time in Mt. View and on our
hike.  Next time you need to be here!