TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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THE SLATY PLACE 2/9/13 (Pics by B. Hemmer)

Kyle's Landing Trailhead for the BRT

A little more water than we want to go across

This is a better place to cross

Heading up the Buffalo River Trail

Stopping at the first vista

Looking from the vista to Bee Bluff

....and down to the Buffalo River below

We found the tic tac toe stump

...and some more stump carvings

Indian Tree Symbol (?) pointing due north.

Arriving at The Slaty Place

David preparing his gormet lunch

Map of our hike

One of the reason they call it The Slaty Place
Lots of slate

We decided to stop at Twin Falls on our way out.
(aka Triple Falls at Camp Orr)

It was actually a "twin" today

Bill our hike leader