TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Heading down to Bear Creek

Our first waterfall

....and I do mean DOWN!!!

Sidewinder Falls with Swamp Falls
in the background

Sidewinder Falls and Swamp Falls

Jill and Joann

Bear Creek

Us at un-named waterfall

"Joann and the Log"

Gloria having a "spot of tea"!

Bear scratches

Crossing Swamp Creek

Weird Fungi

V Slot Falls

Joann and V Slot Falls

Slot down from V Slot Falls

Where V Slot Falls empties

Jill with something going on?

It started to rain, so time for lunch.

Inside out dry grotto

We thought we would miss the rain....NOPE!

Gloria, Jill and Joann

Our raingear on and now to head out and UP!


Nice looking bunch of hikers!
We loved Jills 50 cent rainjacket!

It stopped raining, so off with the raingear!

Upland Swamp...good news....that meant
we were on top of the mountain...

Gloria and her wet head!

Joshua and David

The Good Sign...we made it!

It was a good day to be in the woods...and rain!