TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Seven Hollows Trailhead

Final arrivals

Getting the dogs acquainted before we start...

47 Takahikers
Only gone 0.5 miles
A long string of hikers!
Seven Hollows Secrets
Secret #127
We found a lost dog....the girls named him
It was hard to hold these girls back



Takagnome found a quite place!
Then there was one....
...then there were six!
Not so quite anymore!
(My favorite picture of the day)






Takagnome at the Grotto

Secret #129
When we arrived at the Grotto there were
several other folks already there....
Coming out of the Grotto
Stacy stayed back to direct traffic;;;
hope she can get UP!
As the kids say...only 21/2 minutes to go!!!
Takagnome and Fungi
Still a lot of color on Petit Jean Mountain
Arriving at the Natural Bridge
Rishubh climbing on top of the bridge
Some of us at the bridge...the rest ?
Climbing down with some help
We found an "active" hornets nest!
James found his new home
Brittany on her throne.
She was also our leader most of the way.
Only 4 more minutes to go!
What a great day at Severn Hollows.  It was very
crowded on the mountain today.
There is where we made Carol ride!
Now over to Ray and Kathy's cabin
Takagnome found a friend at the cabin.





Nice view of the River Valley
Hey you, down there!
Yes you.....Hi!
Kathy showing us their fire escape.
James "from top"...
....to bottom!
We enjoyed the inside.
The kids enjoyed the swings in the woods
It was time to put Carol back in the truck
and head home.
Thank you Ray and Kathy Allen.
It was very nice for you guys to allow us (TAKAHIK)
to invade your cabin on the mountain. A beautiful
place, a beautiful view, and most of all, beautiful people
who want to share what God has blessed them with.
And end to a perfect day!