TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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SAM'S THRONE 4/27/13 

Sam's Throne Trailhead (and it's raining!)

Our first view of Big Creek Valley

Did I mention it was raining?

Hiking along the top of the bluff

We would squeeze through this?
....and we did make it through!
Taking shelter under a bluff
If you looked up, you would get
a face full of water!
Rock Climbers Paridise
We seemed to always be looking up?
A nice cave along the way
I guess this is an Indian Pictograph?
Nice square corner
Heading up to Sam's Throne
After Rishubh and myself, it was Carolyn
Next it was La Dona
...and she makes it!
Joe was next.....
And yes, it was still raining....
LaDona on top of Sam's Throne
Our view from the top....not too good!
It was wet on the bottom and
wet on the top!
Searching for Sam's preaching spot.
Nice hair!
Now back down
Now to find a nice dry spot for lunch
We took the first dry spot...we found.

Hot soup would have been good!
Maria trying to dry off! Good luck!
Heading back (in the rain!)
Nice bag worms
Not sure how these pine trees
grow on the bluffs?
It was easy to get lost in the fog
Rishubh doing some rock climbing
Hike almost over and still no view
No view, but we did have rain....
did I mention that?

I understand now why most of our folks
stayed home.....they were SMART!!!!